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My Stabbing But Special Time

When I was about six years old, during my early cheerful years, my sister Katlin and I always argued. In spite of our frequent disputes, my mom made my sister watch me one day when she was at work. We started arguing like usual and then my sister grew really mad at me because I wouldn’t make her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so she threatened to stab me with one of my brothers’ hunting knives. But, instead of acting quickly and calling my mom, (like I should of) I ran into our living room where my brother was watching TV and I grabbed a sharpened pencil out of the big TV stand. Then I ran back to the room on the rugged brown carpet, opened the door and then slammed it behind me. The loud bang sounded like a gun-shot in an empty valley. I walked over to my oblivious sister and stabbed her in the arm, which made me feel very remorseful. Her skin on her arm started rippling leaving a streak of blood as she started crying. So she went and called my mom. When my mom got home I had to write: “I will never stab anyone ever again” 25 times until I remembered every word for the rest of my life.

Brendan Saling, now an eighth grader, wrote this for an assignment from English teacher Dani Golden.


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