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'At Boulder Creek’ first appeared in Linda Robertson's book, ‘Reply of Leaves’. She explains: “A side note to that poem...all true.  Skye was little, and while we were playing at Boulder Creek, she slipped in (with a life vest, thankfully) and Marc grabbed her... I had an assignment to "begin a poem with a simile" and so I did! : ) …remembering the fish that were challenging those falls.”

At Boulder Creek

Like a leaf torn from its tree in an angry wind,
The child gasped and sank.
The Father
caught her in these currents I swim against
and settled her on sand,
above the slick, smooth shore.

Mine is a dangerous task.
Up this snowfed, rocky stream,
Beneath the shadow of hawks and eagles
   again and again
I sink, and fly.
Seeking my birthplace,
I yearn for waters:
quiet and

It is faith and more
that sends me
into air I cannot breathe;
into the light of the afternoon sun.