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An Odd Spectacle

“Hey, look at that girl over there, what’s up with her hair? She looks like a skunk!” I jabbed my best friend with my elbow, pointing frantically at a girl that I’d never seen before. Her hair was striped bleach blonde and brunette, resembling some sort of a fashionable skunk. Leaned up rather coolly against a telephone pole, I could also spot a rough looking cowboy Casanova, with shades black as night wrapped around his cold, steel sockets called eyes. As this mystery of a girl strutted past him, a sly Texas grin spread across his face as smoothly as butter on toast. Although little miss skunky had passed by him without the slightest eye contact in his direction, the long, lean figure pursued her, and sought out a more than friendly conversation. Words were exchanged, and the two of them smiled, hers so sincere, but his screamed a mischievous intention. Without blinking for a second, I witnessed the sweet looking young lady bid tall, dark and trouble goodbye, leaving him with the look of bitter rejection on his dark brow. Surely, this teenage bombshell wasn’t like other girls…




Teacher Dani Golden asked students to write a piece from a perspective different than their own. Ninth grader Kuirstin Pilkinton wrote this as if she were another person, looking at Kuirstin Pilkinton