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A Special Time Story - Fountain Jumping

All you need is a little water from a wish fountain to make all the cares in the world disappear”

On a bright, clear, San Diego evening in September, the California sun never looked so beautiful as it slowly set behind the delightful, olive green palm trees. I had just arrived at the rehearsal dinner for my cousin’s wedding, at a delicious Italian restaurant on the outskirts of the city. Darline, my cousin who was the bride, was wearing a beautiful light blue dress with black frill underneath the dress, to make the dress poof like a cream puff. Her long black hair was pulled back into a messy  bun. Wearing a white silk dress that dropped down to her knees my mother look absolutely stunning. She wore black high heels. Her brown hair was down and she was wearing the slightest bit of eyeliner. Mariah, my sister, wore a pink and white dress with colored polka dots on the blouse part.  I wore a pretty, blue striped dress with gold sandals. My blonde hair was pulled back with a black clip. Surrounded by my friends and family, including my cousin Gracie.  Gracie wore a black and white dress with a pink sash. Her hair was down and she wore black flats that adorned her slim ankles. It was a warm day out so we decided to eat on the freshly mowed grass just behind the restaurant. Behind the restaurant there also happened to be an enormous fountain with clear water flowing out of it.  The sun’s light hit the water just enough to make it glow.  You could see the reflection of yourself in the glowing water. Gracie and I decide to run over to the fountain, and check it out.  The fountain was beautiful. The coins thrown into it to make wishes were shining so brightly that you would be blinded if you looked at them for more than a second. The water looked so inviting and cool; it looked so tempting to just jump in and splash around.  Gracie and I couldn’t help ourselves. We took off our shoes and jumped into the cold water. It was so refreshing after being in the hot air all day. My clip fell out of my hair, but I couldn’t have cared less. Jumping and splashing around as we shot waves at each other. All we could think about was being in the moment, nothing else worried us at the time. Gracie and I were just being ourselves.  We jumped and splashed and pushed each other in the fountain for hours. Swimming around as we threw coins in the water to make wishes. “All you need is a little water from a wish fountain to make all the cares in the world disappear.” I had said to my cousin that evening. Soaking wet, our dresses were ruined but we had loads of fun. The palm trees were swaying in the breeze as we stepped out of the fountain and looked at the ripples we had made.  The sun had set and the day was coming to an end. That day we learned that fountain jumping might be loads and buckets of fun but you still get in trouble for ruining a dress.  I look back at that memory today and I think that time was simply perfect. Sometimes you don’t know how perfect a something is until it becomes a memory.