methow grist 2011-2014 archive



Purple is the ripe fruit on

the grape vine in Autumn,

a masquerade mask

covering a woman’s face.

Purple is the European skyline at twilight.

Purple is a paint sample for a customer,

the horizon behind the towers,

the industrial lighting of a disco ball.

Purple is the sky behind a picturesque castle,

the embroidery on a king’s cloak or a queen’s dress.

Purple is a cloth sample,

the nighttime waters of the Thames,

a glittering jewel.

Purple is the potent wine

that honors the bold,

the rich music that paints the wind.

Purple is the petite flowers of early Autumn,

the ripe, color-filled tomatoes in a garden.

Purple is the volleyball we use outside,

the indigo of a friend’s shoes,

the sweet smelling lavender that is so beloved.

Purple is the icy tundra in winter.

Liliana Hart-Beck is a Liberty Bell Junior High School student