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More Favorite Fancy Words I Want to Use But Never Do
Because I Can't Remember What They Mean

armamentarium: (just like it's spelled) all the equipment, methods, and techniques available to someone for carrying out their duties ("Hey, what's in the Thule box?" "Why, it's my. . .")

bilious: (bil-YUS) irritable, cranky or extremely unpleasant (sort of our late February-March word)

canard: (kuh-NARD) false, baseless usually derogatory report or rumor (every once in a while there is one on the Methownet bulletin board)

dilatory: (DIL-a-tor-ee) slow, causing delay (you hear this a lot on Highway 20: "Pull over you dilatory #@!%*")

endogenous: (n-DODGE-n-us) having an internal cause or origin (if your mechanic says this it's going to cost you)

falcade: (fall-KADE) the action of a horse throwing itself on its haunches (usually followed by a fall off)

garrulous: (GAR-uh-luss) excessively talkative in a rambling manner, especially about trivial things (sorry, I'm not touching that one)

hortatory: (HOR-tah-tor-ee) urging conduct or action, encouraging (it's how NPR describes Seahawks fans)

ineluctable: (in-i-LUCK-ta-bull) can't be evaded, inescapable (like the ditch when you are in a late-for-work winter skid)

jaunty: (JAWN-tee) easy and sprightly, or smartly trim (like me early in the morning - also why the Fitness Center should be called Club Jaunty)

knaggy: (NAG-ee) rough with knots (ask for knaggy pine at the lumberyard)

lacuna (luh-CUE-nah) a gap or missing part (happens a lot more when you pass 60)

mellifluous: (muh-LIF-loo-s) flowing with sweetness, polite and cordial (like my wife when I vacuum)

nugatory: (NOO-ga-tor-ee) ineffective, futile, worthless (like pulling barnaby)

obsequious: (ub-SEE-kwee-us) excessively compliant or submissive (like me when my wife tells me to vacuum)

perspicacious: (pur-spih-K-shush) mentally keen, perceptive, acute (like our trivia night team, The Perspicats)

quietus: (kwahy-EE-tuss) something that effectually ends, a finishing stroke (like when you get the estimate for the first draft of your new dream house)

recrudescence: (ree-crew-DES-ense) breaking out into renewed activity, coming back to life (like when you make it through March . . . or have a four shot latte)

sagacious: (suh-GAY-shus) showing wisdom, good judgement, keen practical sense (really? you too?)

trenchant: (TREN-chant) incisive, keen, caustic, cutting (my friend Andy. . . perspicaciously trenchant)

unctuous: (UHNGK-choo-us) excessively smooth, suave or smug . . . greasy (can apply to a person or to a double bacon cheeseburger)

vernissage: (vare-nuh-SAHZH . . . say it like Pepe le Pew) a gallery reception for an artist who's show is about to open (so the artist gets first shot at the hor d'oeuvres; I dare Confluence to use this in an invitation)

whiffet: (HWIF-it) a paltry person or a little dog (somehow "pet your whiffet" just doesn't sound right)

xenobiotic: (zen-uh-bye-AH-tic) indicating a substance or item foreign to the body (like brussel sprouts)

yerk: (yurk) to strike, whip or stir up (cowboys often yerk their ponies)

I still don't have a z word, so I'm just going to make one up. ZUFF: what's really inside your Thule box


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