methow grist 2011-2014 archive


Broken Glass

Wind, taunting its freedom
the ocean's breath crawling
over my skin
Clouds mimicking my depression
My mind is running laps,
unable to slow down.
run down my cheek as sweat.
Black smudges
tearing at my reddened eyes
vultures circling
my hope - their prey
My fingers betray me
as they claw at my arms,
gripping my sides
cautious of falling apart
a shattered glass held together
by mere hands as water
seeps through.

My hope, love, and faith - the water.
  April Oakes is a sophomore at Liberty Bell High School, where she attends Jane Orme’s Composition and World Literature Class. She recently completed and submitted a collection of her poetry for her Ninth Grade Composition and Literature honors project. This poem is in the collection.