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"As a customer since 1995, all aspects have exceeded our expectations, including the web design. Over 50% of our event registrations are now coming in online"
Jay Lucas, MVSTA


"We are getting good feedback about the website. Thanks so much."
Anne Eckmann, Winthrop North Village

"Now that I have looked at the site - I think it is terrific. Great work!!"
Jim Pigott, Winthrop North Village

"Just now, while visiting the methownet website, my eyes and mind turned to see the beauty and grace you've brought to your work: the site is attractive, colored with good humor and the diverse and delightful personalities of my friends at methownet/medicine wheel. Your presence online is very much like a great storefront in town: an inviting place built by people I admire for their creativity, stick-to-itiveness, funny bones, and service. Its elegant, in its workings as well as appearance. Congratulations. Your combined efforts have created something valuable and lasting for the rest of us."
John Bonica, Tappi