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How to Set Up Thunderbird Mail for Mac OS X

First, gather some information about your email account. If you don't already have this information, call at 996.2022.

* You mail account is a POP account
* You need your email address
* Your username (username is the first part of your email address plus .methownet.
If your email address is, your username would be biff.methownet.
* Your need your account password
* Mail server is

Next, follow these steps to configure Thunderbird.

Open Thunderbird

From the File menu, select New > Account...

In the New Account Setup window, select Email account and click Continue.

In the Identity window type your full name in the Your Name field and your email address in the Email Address field and click Continue

Choose POP for rhe type of incoming server you are using.

Incoming Server - Set the incoming mail server to, and check Use Global Inbox.

Outgoing Server - Set the outgoing mail server to, and click Continue.

In the Incoming and Outgoing User Name Fields type your username.methownet and click Continue.

In the Account Name window, type a descriptive name in the Account Name field. This can be anything you choose.

In the Congratulations! window, look over your settings. If you need to change something, click the Go Back button. If everything is correct, click Done.

When you click Done, it will bring you back to the Account Settings. You can also get back to Account Settings from the Tools menu. Look at the Server Settings and select Never under Security Settings. Do NOT check Use secure authentication. Apply the Server Settings that you want, the example above is typical.

Repeat these steps for any other accounts you want to set up.

If you've set things up but can't seem to get or send email, please call us at 996-2022.

Please call or email us with problems