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Can I Check My Email On My Smart Phone?

Receiving mail on smart phones is easy – SENDING messages out is the issue.

    AT&T Phones: If you have service with AT&T the set up is easy because they have a send mail server they allow their customers to use.

    Make sure you choose IMAP setup. Set the outgoing mail server to use port 25 or 1025. The the user and password are "optional". Use with SSL off. Some of these setting choices are not visible until your phone goes through a long period of "verifying" your settings.

    Verizon Phones: If you have service with Verizon, sending mail is trickier to set up. Verizon does not have a send mail server and instead promotes the use of Gmail accounts which are easy to set up on your smart phone. If you have Verizon we recommend that you go this route. You can have your email account with us delivered as it has been all along & ADD in a forward to any Gmail account you set up. Please let us know if you would like us to add this forwarding option.


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