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Connection Troubleshooting

If you have a problem connecting to the internet or email please go through the following steps to restore service - checking for internet access after each step:

  • You have a little device attached to your radio called "smartBridges" it's the size of a small remote control unit. Unplug the cable at the end of the unit next to the word "powerShot" and plug it right back in.

  • Check all of your power and network cables. Is everything plugged in? Are the connections fully engaged?

  • Check your antenna outside. Is the ice sliding off your roof hanging in front of your unit?

  • Okay second to last step - Restart your computer. Many computer problems can be solved by doing this.

  • If none of these steps have worked please call us. These problems happen periodically and might effect only one radio. We won't know you have a problem until you call. We'll be happy to help right away. 996-2022.

Please call or email us with problems