methow grist 2011-2014 archive


These students from Mr. William's second grade class write each day, sometimes about an experience, or on an assigned topic, or sometimes from their own inspiration. Adults have edited the student's wiring into correct form.  

Animals That Sneak Into My House

Once a group of animals snuck into my home. There was turtle, a monkey, a lion, an elephant, and a giraffe. They were eating my candy. The animals were making very noisy racket. When I came down I saw a turtle, a monkey, a lion, an elephant, and a giraffe eating my candy. They came back and ate all the cookies as soon as I went away.

There was a racket “kkxsszzz” and a clang bang and the animals were having a party. They were jumping into a sofa and eating the entire box of popsicles. “I need that food!” I said. The animals ran to the balcony and started partying on my balcony. “I need the balcony!” I said.

Then I said “You may dance and party on the roof” so then they went on the roof. “On the roof? What?” screamed my dad. “Those animals are the food stealers!”

I didn’t let them eat the food from the kitchen or let them party on the balcony. The only place I did let them party was on the roof.

From the author: I picked this story because all of the kids I read it to liked it and I love it. Its the best story I ever wrote.

A Dog Named Jack

Chapter 1

This dog is playing in the park. He is chasing squirrels and digging after mice. He is brown, he is very fuzzy, he is getting cold. Then his owner calls him; he comes running. “Time to go home Jack”, said Maya. Before Jack got in the car, he rolled in a mud puddle. Maya said, “Don’t you dare”, but he jumped into the car.

Chapter 2
The Dirty Car

Driving home Jack was very happy in his dog bed in the back of the car. When Jack got home he went right to the fireplace. At dinner Jack didn’t want his dinner; he was being a lazy pants. He waited until Maya brought him his food. When Maya came over she said, “I am not your servant, you know, Jack”. Then Jack went upstairs.

From the author: I picked this story because its my best story and because dogs are my favorite animals. I used my best writing and I worked hard on this story.


Once in the Garden

I feel the wind pressing on my cheek.
I see flowers surrounding me.
I feel like I can almost touch the sky.
I hear birds tweeting over my head.
The leaves are rustling.
I touch a plant.
It is smooth.
I hear my mind telling me
what to write on my paper.
The birds are letting their babies go.