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Color Collage

Black is, an overcast ocean, with storm clouds thundering overhead.
Black is, the color of a basketball my dad gave me for Christmas.
Black is, the color of my Bridgestone jacket my mom and her sibling fight over.
Black is, the color of night, the only time of day I use to catch upon sleep.
Black is, mysterious, like the cat that stalks me when I walk down to the bus.
Black is, the color of the keyboard, I use when I decided to look up homework.
Black smells like, ozone, and cool mellow waters, not bothered by lightning.
Black feels like, an electrical, cold and peaceful night.
Black moves like, the covers of a warm comfortable bed at home, the place I feel safest.
Black tastes like, a fresh olive picked from a tree, and juicy blackberries as dark as the oil in our lawnmower.
Black sounds like, a cold rainy day, and a rain coat protecting my skin from the cold dewy drops.



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