methow grist 2011-2014 archive


Screeching Skis

Swoosh of fresh powder
Wind howling through the trees
Screeching skis over rock
Shimmering fresh powder
Bright sunlight reflecting metal edges
Immense cliff hurtling towards me like a speeding cheetah
I am suspended above untracked powder
Feeling weightless, soaring through the snow
Biting powder rocketing into my face
Wind piercing through my coat

The sickly feeling in my gut as gravity pulls me back to earth


I hear slashing dirt sliding into the water
I see fish racing under me as I sit in the cold black river
I feel more and more ice hit me as I slowly melt
I am a piece of ice
I am round with sharp edges freezing cold
I am laying on the water as I float down the freezing rigid
Wednesday, 2:30 pm
The sun shines like a light bulb
Over winter I froze and flowed down the river to
Where I am now


whistling breeze chatting birds skiers babbling like school girls silky snow skis sifting soft snow my cloud leaving me to shield ground icy breeze slowing my trip to the mountain floor

Teacher Dani Golden gave seventh graders the assignment of choosing an object from a magazine image and then writing a poem from that object’s perspective. The three ‘Picture Poems ‘here all have a wintery, snowy, icy theme.

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