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It’s a New Car!

I really liked the red one, but living on a dirt road I knew the red would show the dirt, so I chose the bland silver-colored one. Turns out this bland silver-colored car has an invisibility cloak, or a target, on it.

Ten years full time in the Valley and not a scratch, bump or warp on my car.  (Okay, there was that time a Canada Goose flew into the windshield shattering it).

But a mere three months with a new car and.......

Rutting season, driving down E Chewuch Road, a five-point buck comes barreling down a hill headed in my direction. I slow, pull to the right but he heads straight at me. I could practically see his eyelashes as he bumped into my side view mirror smashing it. It dangles swinging back and forth.  Deer appears to be unharmed.

Call the insurance company, call the repair guy, mirror fixed.

Mileage not even in four digits. I’ve finally joined the ‘it’s not if, but when’ club.

The day after the new mirror is installed we’re in Wenatchee, stopped at a red light when Bam! An SUV sideswipes the driver’s side of the car and the mirror dangles again, and the door is scratched and I cannot believe the mirror didn’t even last 24 hours.

Call the insurance company, call the repair guy, door and mirror on order.

Two days later, on our way to a performance at the Merc, we’re driving down Bear Creek Road. It’s snowing, it’s dark. I see a deer on the side of the road and, as it is my job as deer spotter said, “deer on the left.” Yup, the driver sees it and slows down and the deer picks up speed and runs right in front of us, Bam!

Insurance company, repair guy, door, mirror and front bumper on order.

Friends now refuse to ride in my car. Nerves are shot. I see deer everywhere. Watch out! It’s a..........mailbox. I see movement out of the corner of my eye and flinch as a crow glides by.

Still wounded from the last three encounters, my new car sits in a parking lot in Winthrop. Flat tire.

Call the spouse who brings the air compressor, unflattens the tire. Two hours later, flat tire. Call the spouse who brings the air compressor, unflattens the tire.

Repair guy. 

He finds an arrowhead imbedded in the tire. I’m picturing a flint relic of early Methow days. How romantic.  Not. It’s a modern day arrowhead. So now they’re aiming for me?

Target? Invisibility cloak?  Should have picked the red car.


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So sorry for all the problems with your car. Sounds pretty unnerving. We have had a RED car for 25 years. At four different times deer have run into the side of the car.I don't think the color red keeps the deer away.

Marjory Wilkinson
Twisp, WA