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What snowmen do at night….

I woke up one morning and saw out my window that my snowman looked tired and had mud all over him. The tired part not that bad, but the mud boggled my mind and made me wonder what do snowmen do at night? So I snuck outside at night, grabbed my bike, and followed my snowman. It took a while to get there but we did. There was a huge pile of mud and huge trucks. I couldn't believe my eyes. We’re out in the forest with trucks at all sides and there’s mud when it's winter. I heard a huge noise and saw two lights. I turned around and saw my snowman in a Dodge Ram 2500, and let me tell ya, he was happy. He started to drive into the mud. That might explain about the mud, but I wanted to see if he’d get stuck. So, I watched what happened and he got stuck. They got a really strong rope and slowly tried to pull him out. In no time he was out, but the truck was covered in gooey mud dropping slowly off of the truck. When the snowman got out he wasn't a white snowman anymore, he was a brownly covered snowman.

Third graders have been writing stories about what snowmen do at night, according to Methow Valley Elementary School instructional coach Anne Andersen. Author Wyatt Oosterhof is in Cathy Oliver's third grade class.


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Great story by Wyatt Oosterhof. Shows he has a wonderful imagination along with a talent to transfer his imagination into the written word. Good job Wyatt!

Tinja Wyman