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I am in the little world in everyone’s mind,
It’s called imagination.
In the tall grass and the pounding sunshine,
I lay in a meadow where the tall grasses mask me.
Birds above me are perched in a lovely tree chirping their tune, and I am singing with them.
I am on a sandy stretch of land,
A cloudy little island, my rainy beach.
The beautiful noises of crashing waves fill my ears, as I take in the music of the seagulls.
My feet splash in the water while the tide comes in, and I run in the sticky sweetness that remembers my footprints.
Looking at the long horizon, my eyes admire where the earth meets the sky in a swirl of watercolors.
My toes tickle the water, and I sit in the sparkling sand, submitting to the warm drops of rain, landing on my eyelashes, willing me to fall asleep.
Waiting for the sun to set, I follow it away.
My eyes snapped open as the locker next to mine slammed noisily.
Reality slowly rolled its way back into my mind as the atmosphere of beige walls, lunch food smells, and kids rushing to class overwhelmed me.
A friend walking my way grabs me by the hand, dragging me to class.
My eyes close briefly and I smile, thankful for my daydreams,
And eagerly anticipating the next adventure, where my heavy eyes take me somewhere magical.
Take me to the ocean,
Take me to my meadow,
Take me to the sky.

Tara Dodd, a freshman at Liberty Bell High School, wrote this poem for an English honors project..


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