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Kids on the Camino

Tanya DeLong blogged as she walked El Camino in France and Spain. Taya, 13, her brother Ian, 10 and their mother began the walk in St Jean Pied de Port, France, and were later joined by their father to finish out in Glacia in northwest Spain, some 800 kilometers along the trail. Her whole blog is available at Here’s an excerpt from near the end of the journey:

Palas del Rei to Ribadiso - 26 km

I JUST REALIZED THAT I START EVERY POST WITH "That morning" AND THAT'S SORTA FRUSTRATING!!! Ok I'm gonna start this one with.....



Early on the 8th day of the 7th month of the year of 2013 (HOW WAS THAT????), we were woken up by the loud Italians in our room. At 5:30. They were so obnoxious that we just decided to leave with them, as we were already wide awake. I, was SO HAPPY!!!! THE WHOLE CAMINO, I HAD BEEN LONGING TO WALK IN THE DARK!!!!!!! 

It was.. amazing!! Fewer people are out and the beautiful night lights are still on. It's beautiful.

But, unfortunately, the sun came up all too soon. 

ABS (Alfredo, Betty and Sofia) eventually caught us and we all stopped for some croissants a la plancha (DEEEEELISH!) and continued on... to Melide!!! It was actually a pretty big city! 

By that point, Dad's knee was starting to really bother him. He had been (I QUOTE!!) peering into the fog and stubbed his toe and then started walking funny which had caused an imbalance and then, BAM, his knee started hurting. We all stopped in this big roundabout in Melide (with ABS) and made a decision, Dad (cuz of his knee), Ian (... He was tired?), and Betty (she was tired and had the Spanish!), would take a taxi the last 10 kilometers and meet us in Ribadiso. So, the four of us remaining, pushed on! It was getting pretty hot by then, and me and Sofia started walking super-fast for two reasons: 1) we wanted to get there and swim in the river! and 2) there was a group of Spanish school guys who were kinda chasing us and yelling at us in English or singing American songs (it was hilarious)!

We stopped and refueled with some magnum "chocolate absoluto" and then sped down the final hill. 

We all made a beeline for the private albergue where we had a reservation (us and ABS) and found the "slacker taxi trio" relaxing in the air conditioned lobby. Even though we had a reservation, we went to check if the Xunta still had beds. Fortunately, they still had beds. Unfortunately, we had to stand under an extremely hot (AND I MEAN EXTREMELY) covered area with 30 Spanish teenagers (it was actually the group who had been in Ponferrada with us!! They were actually really nice!!). Some girls were singing really old Taylor Swift songs in these exotic accents and everyone else was chattering (and sweating, PHHEEEWWWEEEE) super loudly. 

We did eventually get in, though. It was a really awesomely designed place that really sprawled all over.  

Later, we went swimming in the river and watched the rest of the pilgrims (WHO DIDN'T GET WOKEN UP AT 5 BY SOME ITALIANS) roll in as we fell in hidden holes in the deep part under the bridge. 

While Sofia and I swam around, something kinda funny happened to Mom. She was talking to a priest, and mentioned she was "caliente" (meaning hot) and later realized she had just said she was hot as in physically instead of temperature!!!!!!!!

You're supposed to say "tengo calor" instead of "estoy caliente"---just a warning if you decide to go talking to Spanish priests in the middle of Spain in the middle of summer, ya know. Because Americans do that a lot. Mmhmm.

Anywho, we basically spent that whole afternoon eating, or swimming. 

photoBaaadddd picture. I know.

Later, after Betty and Dad had arranged for their packs to be sent ahead (it was for the best...) we all sat around epically failing at juggling and somehow ended up meeting this French father and teenage son duo (the dad only spoke like five words of Spanish and five words of English). They had these balls on strings that you attach to your fingers and spin around. So we collaborated and had this big thing with the school group and us and everyone tried (and sorta failed) to juggle and be Hawaiian (WHAT?!! They do that in Hawaii! Except the balls are on fire!!

Only two more days until Santiago!!! Hang in there.

CIAOOOOOOO!!! (Pronounced "Chow" for those of you who don't speak Italian.)



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