methow grist 2011-2014 archive

Talk of War

There’s talk of war,

Of world war,

War of all the worlds war,

The war to end all wars war.

Cold war,

Desert war

Dirty little jungle war -

Muddy boys’ blood

Flooding down the delta war.

White, black, and brown boys

Village, city, town boys,

Jew boys, goy boys

Pissing in our pants

Because today our guns

Aren’t boys’ toys.

Boys to save our women

Boys to save our land

Boys to save our way of life

As instruments of God’s own hand.

Allah wars, Yahweh wars,

Jesus Christ Valhalla wars

In lands fresh cleansed,

With earthen pits -

Soups of lime and human bits.

Wars increasing, wars unceasing,

Wars of words condoning wars,

With beasts of war on foreign shores

Disgorging boys to settle scores

In Arafat - Sharon wars.

Wars of mullahs,

Priests, and monks,

Waving script from musty trunks,

Scribbled wars in holy books

Retrieved anew from dusty nooks.

Corporate wars with bottom lines

Which stretch from here

To Pol Pot’s crimes,

To Hutus, Boers, Serbo Croatians,

Our bloody brotherhood of nations.

Wars in waking, dreaming, art,

Since the first big bang blew us apart.


From David Asia’s online collection