methow grist 2011-2014 archive


I was in darkness,
And you shone a light.
I was mute,
You lifted my chin,
And gave me a voice.
When I was quick and proud,
You took me aside
And made me wise.
Knowing my anger,
You pulled me in,
Rolled up your sleeves
And showed me
The places
Where your rage had bled.
I lamented my failures,
And you wept with me,
Saying names aloud.
I complained,
And you showed me
The story of your suffering
Raised like a range of mountains
In the palms of your hands.
When I caged you,
You held up a fist,
And when freed,
You put your hands
On me gently
And gave me your blessing.
Farewell, father.
Farewell, friend.
I am here,
However unsteady the beat of my heart.

David Asia's online poetry collection is 
'Conjugating the Verb to  Be: The Poetry of Time and Place'


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