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Liberty Bell teacher Dani Golden gave her seventh grade students the assignment of writing a memory paragraph about their home, using the five senses. Here are memories from three students.

House Memory by Cece Odell
Sunlight peeps through my window creeping down my bed and warming my face. I feel the rush of my mom’s daily bath running and I hear the bitter coffee grinding. My siblings’ laughter comforts me as they happily watch cartoons. I feel the thunder of Asher’s footsteps sprinting downstairs, hoping he won’t miss any of the show. I can see the frost dripping down my window and I know it will be warm today. I hear the roar of Ed’s car warming up. The bells outside our door chime as they blow music in the wind. Voices echo outside, bouncing off our house, as people take early morning walks. My house creaks with a moan I will never get used to and I dive under my blankets. I love my house because it is my home and home is a place I like to be.   

House Memory By Josh Dinham

One of my greatest memories is when my mom, my sister and I were out on our lawn trying to catch butterflies. I felt the soft breeze licking my face as I jumped around trying to catch butterflies. Excitement rushed through me as I looked in my net and saw a big butterfly flapping there. The sweet smell of flowers was in the air and the smell of grass was wafting through the air. The smell of flowers and grass reminds me of summer adventures and laughing with friends. Butterflies were flying everywhere. Their little wings flapped like madmen while dragonflies and other bugs swirled around. I could taste the dry summer air blowing around in the summer breeze. I could hear the birds chirping in the distance. It sounded like each bird spoke their own language. I love summer!

House Memory By KanDee Sims

2010, the first year we hosted the Bibeau/Sibuma/Sims family reunion. “Ok! Who’s ready to go float the river?” my mom yelled.

“We are!” everyone replied. Our family was extremely excited to float down the Methow River that year. We start at our house, and through all the rapids, twists and turns we splash all the way down to the Carlton Hole. It’s only a three and a half mile float… but it seems to take us a wet three hours.  “I-I-I-It’s s-s-so c-co-col-cold!” my cousin Aleiah chattered. 

“You’ll be fine,” My aunt Rene replied, annoyed. I started to notice the dark clouds rolling in as we drifted up to the soggy sand. “We’re on our way home now and when we arrive you can take a hot shower,” Auntie told Aleiah, whose blue lips were turning purple as she hugged her knees to her chest. Three and a half miles later, we reached our home. We unload the tubes in the blowing wind. I could barely hold the tube down as I moved my little legs as fast as they could move me. BANG!  Right as I came to the steps of my house I heard the first roll of thunder.  My feet leaped from the ground right when I heard it and I jumped to the second step. “Wow” I heard someone exclaim from behind me. I ran to the living room and flopped down on the couch trying to let the beat of my heart calm down.  BANG! The next strike of lightning brightens the sky.  Every now and again I could hear, “wow did you see that?” or “Whoa!”  Then the hail hit, and then the rain. I looked through the kitchen window and saw the rain bouncing off the pool. The storm continued for about a half an hour. After the storm passed we just sat around and played games and talked. This was just one of the many adventures at my lovely home.



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