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The town of Winthrop, squeezed by rising costs and shrinking revenue, and the local brewery, struggling with skyrocketing demand since starting trivia night, have found a unique solution.
Starting this spring one of the two concrete water towers that, if you look really carefully, you can see south of downtown, will be filled with local brew.

“We’re calling it the Alevator”, said an excited brewery employee. “You know, like the grain storage things, but this one will hold enough beer we can finally fully supply the blues festival. In fact, we’re planning a pipeline directly to the festival grounds.”

“Not only that,” said another of the beertreprenuers, “we think we’ll be able to send our product to anyone on town water, provided they are willing to invest in a special faucet and don’t mind showering in a bit of porter from time to time.”

When asked if this might lead to water shortages, particularly during summer months, a guy who said he talked to a friend of a Winthrop public works guy, replied, “Yes. But, I’m guessing if we send some eight point ESB down the lines most customers will never get around to complaining about it.”

Encouraged by the new partnership, and the fact that the beer will now be under 40 pounds of pressure, brewery thinkers are mulling over ideas like coin operated “Slurp a Slug” dispensers and a “Dancing Lager” animated fountain.


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