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County Considering 1000 Square Foot
Minimum Lot Size for Upper Methow

After carefully reviewing public testimony on the comprehensive plan, Okanogan County officials are now "kicking around" a new vision for the upper Methow valley – a minimum lot size that "encourages efficient growth" and makes more land available to "folks who, when you say 200,000, think of the miles on their car."

"We're really just taking the clustered development idea to a new level", said a county representative who declined to be named. "I expect some resistance at first, but, hey, there are a lot of happy people in the city and they certainly don't need 5 acres to get by."

When asked why the county would consider something completely contrary to the Mazama vision statement, an unnamed person who recently had lunch with an unnamed county official said, "because they know how to read between the lines."

Upper valley land use planning activists were unavailable for comment, mostly because they were still unable to breathe.


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