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Inside the Deer Fence - Climate Change Ideas?

By Jane Gilbertsen 

Dear Methow Gardeners,

Only one here to write you on the computer is KOL, my little black or blue Cochin. Unfortunately, she is too lightweight to push down a key.

I am riding in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness in Montana this week with husband Steve Nourse, Carolee Bronson and the Kilbys.  Great fishing,  glorious scenery and hopefully, no serious bears.  We are not hauling our own mules and horses for this trip.

When you read this I will have attended the Climate Change meeting at  Local on August 11 and would like to report back to you about what I  learned plus others observations of this year.  So please, if you have  a minute, write me and give me your thoughts on how the weather this  year has impacted your garden.  Send me your thoughts at

KOL is keeping busy awaiting her siblings! 

- Jane
August 19, 2010