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Christiana Hienemann, Bernard Hosey's wife, took the photograph of the Burning Desire sculpture. The music, FIrst Improvisation for Aeolian Harp, is copyrighted by Lynette Westendorf and is used here by her permission.

About the sculpture: "This big one, this tall one, is called burning desire," said Bernard Hosey, shortly before his death on August 9. "It was for my wife. We met in my studio and she was taking photographs and I was taking photographs of her taking photographs of my work was a sculpture about passion, but then all my sculptures about passion of some sort or another."

About the sound: "This recording was made in August, 2011, outside of Bernard Hosey's studio in Twisp, " Lynette Westendorf explained. "Bernie constructed the Aeolian Harp several times over the years, and I was able to capture four excellent recordings on a very hot Saturday afternoon. The harp consisted of two wires strung between the front of his studio and his Flaming Desire sculpture, a distance of approximately 350 feet. Bernie then installed small platform on a scaffold on his truck from which to play the metal strings, and we attached a guitar pickup on the strings and plugged it into an amplifier. I played the harp with implements such as screw drivers, drum sticks, wrenches and a tail pipe."


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